The Most Complete Hands-on Training Program


Duration : 9 sessions- 3 days each with 30 hours of online seminars
Calendar : October 2019-June 2020
Inclusions : 30+ hours of Electronic Resources and Surgical Instrument set valued at over $1200.


Module Name Topics Dates Instructors



Beginning with the End in Mind -Intro to Implant Implant Dentistry 

-Diagnosis, treatment planning

-Basics of Implant Terminology

-Treatment options, different types of modalities

-Brief history & Rationale of Implants

-Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

-Case Workups: Models, mountings, face bows, Records

Oct 11-13, 2019 Dr. Bart Silverman 

Dr. Shankar Iyer


Hands on w implants on mock mandibles: Suturing & Socket Preservation


Anatomy, Clinical & Radiographic Assessment -Cone Beam Interpretations- 

-Clinical Anatomy vs Radiographic Interpretation-

-Radiographic Planning/Digital Workflow

-Basics of Surgery

-Suturing Techniques


Nov 15-17, 2019 Dr. Bart Silverman 

Dr. Christos Angelopolous

 Dr. James Rutkowski



Surgical Session -Case Presentations 

-Pre-surgical prosthodontics

-Interim restorations

-Review of Clinical Protocol

-Live Patient Session: Surgical

-Surgical review & discussion


Dec 13-15, 2019 Dr. Shankar Iyer 

Dr. Rachna Hegde

Dr. Bart Silverman

Dr. Rachna Hegde

Dr. Amit Vora

Dr. Larry Nallit



Prosthetic Options -Possible surgical session 2 

-Prosthetic options in implant dentistry

-Basic bone manipulation techniques

-Post-surgical prosthodontics-

-Interim restorations

-Biomaterials and biomechanics

-Stage II Considerations


Jan 17-19, 2020 Dr.Shankar Iyer
Dr.Rachana Hegde 

Dr. Bart Silverman

2 days in surgical session


Prosthetic Options & Biomaterials Step by Step Implant Prosthetics 

-Soft Tissue Considerations

-Tissue Management: Peri-Implantitis & Complications associated w Implants

-2nd Stage on Patients (optional)

Feb 14-16, 2020  Dr. Rachana Hegde 

Dr. Carlos Alfonso

Dr. Hoda Yousef

Hands On provisional fabrication


Advanced Surgical Procedures   

Implant System Comparison

-Advanced Bone Grafting

Insertion of prosthesis

Guided surgeries



Mar 6-8, 2020 Dr. Shankar Iyer 

Dr. Amit Vora

Dr. Hedge

Dr. Bart Silverman

Dr. Joseph Leonetti

Impressions on Patients 

Hands on: sinus grafting




Prosthetic Session  1   

 Insertion of prosthesis/overdentures/hands-on

April 17-19, 2020 Dr.Shankar Iyer 

Dr. Rachana Hegde

Deliver Prosthesis to Patients 




Advanced Implant Considerations   

-Digital module:

-Advanced implant prosthetics

-Lasers in Implant Dentistry


May 15-17, 2020 Dr. Robert Miller 

Dr. Jack Piermatti



Complications & Graduation -Complications 

-Case presentations 


-Prep for exam


June 12-14, 2020 Dr. Bart Silverman 

Dr. Shankar Iyer

Dr. Rachna Hegde

Possible AAID test